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Dr Grace Adofo

Dr. Grace Adofo graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in 1983. She completed her residency from UMDMJ in Newark, New Jersey. Dr. Adofo is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and has her Masters in Public Health from Columbia University. She is a Winner of various patient awards including the Essence Ob/Gyn Award in 2002 and The Health-Grades Patients’ Choice Award for quality of care and expertise as a physician.

In addition, Dr Adofo specializes in:
Repair of Pelvic Floor Disorders
Menapausal Management
Managment of Abnormal Pap Smears
Polycystic Ovarian Disease
Low and High Risk Pregnancies
Uterine Fibroids
Abnormal Bleeding
Precancerous and Cancerous conditions of the uterus, ovaries and cervix

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